Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scout Resting Comfortably On The 22nd Floor

Last time. I promise. After today I will never mention the Mayor's dog again. The story's over. Today the Ohio Building Authority basically said that because the City of Toledo has leased the 22nd floor, the dog can stay. Why? Because, the Mayor is the head of the city and he can do what he wants.

Look, I know this isn't a hard investigation. It was never meant to be. I think the silly music in the original story gave that away. What the first story was meant to do was look into what could be considered an abuse of power. Should the Mayor bring his pet and companion to work? Should other people be walking the dog for him? The follow up story posed the question (though it was never answered),"Is it appropriate for city employees to be fighting Scout's legal battle with the OBA for the mayor? I think all are valid questions and that's why we did the stories.

Now that a decision has been reached, the story's over. I'll leave it with this...

Throughout my time working on this story with Ronnie, we were told repeatedly by Brian Schwartz and later the Mayor (when he finally addressed the issue himself) that we were making ourselves look foolish by doing this story and the people of Toledo were overwhelmingly on his side (as you can hear in the story below). I Googled scout+mayor+carty and found some other people's blogs on the issue. Here are a few.

try this one

or this one

maybe click here

Those who are overwhelmingly on the side of Scout and the Mayor must be a silent majority.

Here's today's story with the Mayor's full response replacing the one that aired in today's 6pm package.

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Thanks for watching!

1 comment:

Maggie Thurber said...

I think y'all did a nice job covering the story. And when the mayor tells you you're 'barking up the wrong tree' ... well, that's when you know you should keep going!

Even though there are some who think this is inconsequential, there are many more who are not 'vocal' who think it's just plain wrong.

Thanks for bringing attention to a story that deserved it!