Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scout and his Mayor (the saga continues)

On November 20, Mayor Finkbeiner received a letter from Michael L. Sullivan of the Ohio Building Authority. The letter reads in part:

"The recent Channel 13 story revealed that "Scout" is not being used as a therapy dog, but is merely your "pet and companion" as described by Brian Schwartz of your staff. He also stated that "The mayor has no medical condition that requires a medical assistance dog." Pets are strictly prohibited in OBA facilities.

As I'm sure you will understand, we can no longer permit you to bring your pet to work in the Government Center."

At a press conference yesterday, a Toledo Blade reporter asked what the status of the Scout situation was. The mayor's chief of staff, Bob Reinbolt, told the media he was working on it and he had no comment. Executive assistant to the mayor, Brian Schwartz added it was none of our business. When I asked the mayor if he thought it was appropriate to be using city resources to fight his fight for him, he answered with...well, you can see the story below.

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Thanks for watching!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking what all of us are thinking! How does this man get away with this stuff??