Monday, June 25, 2007

Veterans’ Glass City Skyway

Disclaimer...this photo was edited together from three separate photos.

I'm writing this blog to congratulate all of those involved in the construction of the new Veterans’ Glass City Skyway. I've been with 13ABC for over five and a half years now, so I have covered many of the stories having to do with the construction of the bridge. I felt, as many of you probably did, that the project seemed like it would never finish. But now having seen the finished project, Northwest Ohio has something it can really be proud of.

My wife and I drove over the new bridge, once each way, last night. We could even see the tower's lights as we approached from I-75 and Stickney. It's very impressive at night.

Saturday morning I drove over to the East Side and hopped on a bus that took me up to the deck. Here are some pictures from that trip. (You can left-click on the pictures to see the full size version. After that, if you want to copy them to your computer, just right-click the picture and select save.)

From the bridge you can see Davis Besse (here). You can also see Fermi II in Monroe.

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