Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How Festive

Why they let me do it, I don't know. Every once in a while the powers that be have me do something on air. I've been part of several pieces included in the Powers Pack. I did a satellite shot from Houston, Texas shortly after Hurricane Katrina. This time with Theresa Pollick off on a Festival Friday, they asked me to do the story by myself. Here is my report.*

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Thanks for watching!

*Disclaimer: I'm not ashamed to admit this was put up on this blog for my family members who missed the piece last Friday night...and for your amusement.


Jim Dornberg said...

Nice work Justin! I found your blog by accident on the station's website, and I enjoy your posts. You're doing pretty well for a Whiteford Grad!

Ali Butz said...

And your family is so glad that you posted it. I missed it too --so thanks for the show!