Monday, October 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike - The Roundtable Discussion

About a week and a half after returning from the hurricane ravaged Texas coast, Jeff Smith sat down with Kevin Beining, Jason Klocko and me to talk about our experiences covering the aftermath of Hurricane Ike for KTRK in Houston, Texas. Here is Jeff Smith's show, The Roundtable:

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Thanks for watching.

*Also some sad news today. This from the Associated Press:
HOUSTON (AP) - A television station says two people died when
its news helicopter crashed in a rural area north of Houston.
KTRK, an affiliate of ABC, reported Monday that a pilot and a
photographer were on their way to a shooting scene in Montgomery
County when the chopper crashed.
The station showed video of pieces of the helicopter smashed
against a tree in a forested area with part of the station's logo
visible on a piece of debris. The crash caused some trees to catch
fire near the crash site.


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