Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Konop Blames Politics As Usual

At yesterday's commisioner's meeting, Ben Konop proposed using about $350,000 of economic development funds to create 40, $7.50 an hour jobs, for six months to help the county's unemployed. When his proposal was voted down 2-1, Konop blamed political favors, politics-as-usual and political reasons.

Yesterday, the following email was sent to the media:


June 17th, 2008

Contact: Gabrielle Seay, Executive Assistant

Politics over Jobs for Gerken and Wozniak Konop's Jobs Corp Proposal Voted Down 2-1

What: Konop's Response to Gerken and Skeldon Wozniak's vote against job creation and dialogue with laid off workers

Where: The Source, 1301 Monroe Street

When: Today, Tuesday, June 17th at 2PM

(Toledo OH-) Continuing the unfortunate tradition in Lucas County of putting politics ahead of progress and job creation, Commissioners Gerken and Skeldon Wozniak this morning voted against creating Lucas County Jobs Corps, a program that would have created 40 jobs and partnered with dozens of non-profits to provide needed services to children, working families, and the elderly.

This vote follows a vote by Skeldon Wozniak and Gerken in March against another job creation proposal by Konop that would have helped create 100-200 jobs at the University of Toledo's high tech incubator.

Commissioner Konop will hold a press conference today, at 2 PM at The Source at 1301 Monroe St. At the press conference Commissioner Konop will explain to laid off workers that his jobs creation program was voted down this morning.

"It's another sad day for working families in Lucas County. As gas prices soar, jobs go overseas, and the foreclosure crises drags on, we had a chance to put people to work serving the community," stated Konop. "My colleagues talk a good game about creating jobs and helping working families, but when push comes to shove they continue to put politics over progress,"

Konop will also discuss today, in detail, over four years of public statements by Commissioners Gerken and Skeldon Wozniak that would indicate their support for programs such as Lucas County Jobs Corps. For example, Commissioner Gerken stated that the economic development funds be used to address immediate needs in the community (See Toledo Blade, 3/19). He also recently stated "we must do everything we can to . . . put our residents back to work." (See Gerken Press Release, 4/15) Likewise, Commissioner Skeldon Wozniak has repeatedly called for the need to strengthen social service agencies (See, e.g., 2008 Skeldon Wozniak State of the County Address). Skeldon Wozniak has also repeatedly highlighted the need for jobs in our community, recently stating there is a "critical need" for jobs in Lucas County (See Blade, 6/6).

"How many more jobs will Lucas County need to lose before we start embracing change and new ideas that would strengthen the economy and give hope to working families?" concluded Konop.

Gabrielle Seay
Executive Assistant
to Commissioner Ben Konop

Here are Mr. Konop's comments from that news conference:

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Maggie Thurber said...

Wow - I love how he keeps using the phrase 'working families' even for those who are 'out of work'... LOL!