Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring is Here

I didn't work with a reporter today. I spent the morning at the station editing the noon show. The noon show is probably the most fun to edit. I got in at 9:30 and started putting stories together. Just when it looked like I might finish my work early (11:15), we've got breaking news and several of the pieces that I just finished working on are dropped from the show all together. Breaking news filled the first part of the show and I finished editing at 11:58. Two minutes to spare!

I don't believe viewers notice when a story gets dropped from the show. They have no reason to. But, when you spend time finding the video and then matching it to the producer's script, only to see it dropped from the show never to be seen, you can't help but feel you've wasted your time. The reality is, that's how news works. As photographers we're often sent to something heard on the scanner, only to get there and have a police officer tell us it's not worth it. Granted what we're sent to is often traumatic or life altering for those involved, we just can't use it for news. The biggest waste for photographers is when we are sent to a scene, shoot video, come back to the station, edit the video, only to have the story dropped. That's just the way it is.

I digress.

I actually logged on to post a pointless little weather video I shot today for Stan's weather segment. It's kind of a neat, close-up look at bees on a lilac bush. They look so happy and peaceful in the flowers, right before they fly over to my garage and bore a bunch of holes in it. Great. Enjoy the video.

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As always, thanks for watching.

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