Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Indy 500 2007 (and 2006?)

Well, another Indianapolis 500 in the books and it was good one. Good except for the rain delay and the early end to the race, but it was still good. I think if the rain would have held off, the Penske boys and Danica would have all challenged for the lead on the final lap. However, weather is always one of the factors and Franchitti did lead the most important lap of the day. It was a good race.

The Indianapolis 500 isn't so much a race as it is an event. Similar to NASCAR (the Daytona 500), IRL has their "Superbowl" near the beginning of the season. The race itself is the climax of a month-long festival in Indy. Throughout the month of May, the track is hosting Carb Day, Bump Day, practices, parades, one party after another. Race day itself is filled with traditions and events before the race even begins. The Spectacle of Bands, Jim Nabors and "Back Home Again in Indiana" (though he was ill and unable to attend this year), and the fly-over are all Indy traditions. There's live music. This year Daughtry performed (you know, the bald guy who should have won American Idol last year).

Another Indy tradition is the red carpet walk. All the big shots come out to be seen on this walk. Usually it takes place outside the Pagoda. This year with all the rain, most of the goings on happened inside. This brings me to why I'm writing this blog. Sunday night after all was done and Rob and I were leaving the track, we got to talking about last year's red carpet walk and our Gene Simmons interview. Gene is very involved in IRL and when Rob questioned him about a favorite, Gene took the mic right out of Rob's hand. I thought the disk that had the interview was long gone, but Rob told me he watched it the other day and the disk was on his desk.

Yes this is more than a year old, but it's one of my favorite Indy moments. The clip never saw air, so here it is on the web. (Phil Powell this one's for you.)

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